Wire/Ram EDM

Experience Breeds Excellence

With over 77 years of proven excellence, advanced CNC technology, and inspection equipment, we have the experience and technology to provide high accuracy with high repeatability, even for the most complex parts.

About Our Wire/Ram EDM Capabilities

The wire EDM machines finish close tolerance work with quick turnaround.

These versatile machines are efficient for all types of cutting and have 12.6″ x 18.66″ x 4.57″ table travel.

In addition to vertical cuts, we are able to taper cut up to 30 degrees.

Our capabilities fulfill a vast customer base in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, robotics, oil & gas, medical device components and electronics industries.

Wire/Ram EDM Equipment

  • (2) Mitsubishi MV1200-S Wire EDM
  • (1) Roboform 20
  • (2) Charmilles 230 Wire EDM
  • (1) Charmilles Manual D-10 w/Orbital Head
  • (1) Charmilles Roboform 200 CNC (20 Station Tool Changer / Table Travel / 8″ X 12″ X 12″ Table)
  • (1) ProPen Dot Peen Marking System
  • (1) Okamoto Aero Lap YT-100 Polish Machine
  • (2) Ultrasonic Polishing Units

The Industries We Serve

We machine high & low-volume production orders for customers in multiple industries: Aerospace, Automation Components, Electrical, And Electronic Manufacturing, Government & Defense, Industrial Automation, Manufacturing / Tool & Die, Metal Forming, Oil And Gas, Plastic Extrusion Manufacturing, and Robotics Components

Materials that We Machine

– Aluminum                                       – Stainless Steel

– Steel                                                  – Tool Steel

– Alloy Steel                                       – Cold-Rolled Steel

– Unalloyed Steel                              – Titanium

– Brass                                                – Exotic

– Copper                                             – Bronze

– Plastic

Quality Assurance

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Inspection report included in every order. Full dimensional inspection reports on request
  • Material certifications and test reports available on request
  • Strict NDA agreements with all Manufacturing Partners

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